Rail-Related News, CoronaVirus Edition (March 14, 2020)

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BART and AC Transit, among others, taking steps to clean up rolling stock more effectively

BART’s plans if a passenger proves to have coronavirus

So Muni & BART stations are getting scrubbed down like they should have all along, thanks to coronavirus threat

What Bay Area transit is doing in light of coronavirus threat

Transit agencies and response to coronavirus threat

Marin transit agencies work to prevent spread of coronavirus

BART ridership plummets as people stay home, work from home due to coronavirus threat

Highway traffic also declines due to coronavirus situation

BART to ask for emergency funding as ridership drop continues

BART looks at emergency plans, including possible train reductions

Other Stories

Reporter draws maps showing what Bay Area transit might look like in 2040

Los Angeles City Council approves plan to speed up E-Line (Expo Line)

Sun Rises in East Dept.: Science discovers expanding roads and highways makes congestion worse

Contractors building high-speed rail told employees to “shut up” about flaws and errors

Double-tracking project over San Diego River completed

San Francisco’s Central Subway project continues; Open in Fall 2021

SMART Recovery Edition

Transportation taxes flopped on Super Tuesday: Is that bad news for Bay Area’s proposed “mega-measure?”

Has rail extension efforts reached dead end in the Bay Area?

SMART reviews cuts after voters reject tax renewal extension

SMART and critics assess whether to go from here in wake of tax extension defeat

Sonoma, Marin voters reject SMART sales tax extension