Rail-Related News, February 2020

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California undertakes effort to stabilize Del Mar Bluffs rail line

Anti-SMART developer vs. Graton Tribe: Developer addis $290k to anti-SMART tax fight

Marin Voice: Vote YES on Sonoma-Marin SMART tax extension

Marin IJ Editorial: Vote NO on Sonoma-Marin SMART tax extension

Another “NO” on Sonoma-Marin SMART tax extension

Sonoma-Marin SMART to consider low income fare discounts

Legislation introduced requiring integration of Bay Area transit fares, schedules, marketing

Sonoma Marin SMART sales tax extension campaign: donations on both sides flood in

S.F. Chronicle editorial: Vote yes to keep Sonoma-Marin SMART trains rolling

Sonoma-Marin SMART ridership increases in January 2020 with new stations

Tech shuttle leaves Salida (near Modesto) at 2:30 am; would they ride improved train service?

BART misses another deadline for opening San Jose extension

Too many fragmented Bay Area systems worsening public transit

BART’s transit “ambassadors” start work

BART has lost 10 million annual riders since 2014, mostly nights and weekends

Los Angeles secures $1.3 billion to finish Wilshire Subway to West L.A., from Trump Administration, no less

Sacramento powers-that-be talking new sales tax for transportation

Opinion: Bay Area should reject FASTER mega project plan for FAIRER funding from large businesses

BART might double parking rates at stations

California high-speed rail adds $1.3 billion to its costs

Capitol Corridor between Bay Area and Sacramento gets back to ridership experienced before 2012 bureaucratic vandalism to Sacramento station

BART may give away one million free tickets in attempt to recover lost ridership nights and weekends

U.S government suspends operation of self-driving buses after passenger injuries: road bump on way to automated transit

SMART hedges its bets on budget whether tax extension measure passes or fails

What’s the point of extending BART to Santa Clara [from downtown San Jose]

Toll road proposed for Highway 37 in North Bay [but no rail option]

SMART tax extension opponents outspending proponents by wide margin