Rail-Related News, July 15-Aug 5, 2019

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Sometimes, minor changes to this map “triggers” (sic) some BART riders (see story below)

SMART reconsiders the role of “quiet zones” in light of recent “suicides by train”

Minor changes in system maps have riled up BART riders in the past

Since Brightline decided they need more stations between Miami and West Palm Beach, cities vie for the new stops

SMART chief calls for community efforts to end streak of “suicides by train”

Caltrain proposes potential fare increases

How transportation works in the civilized parts of the world, unlike the U.S.: Stockholm and Copenhagen

Sorry, you now can’t buy Chinese trains with Federal money

BART to install new bike straps on all rolling stock

From the Dark Side (humor): CHP catches carpool cheater with dummy in shotgun seat. Hey dummy, you don’t need the dummy if you took the bus or train

The rest of the world has high-speed rail. Why doesn’t the U.S.?

Sticker shock on price for BART’s “fancy tents” to cover escalators on Market Street in S.F.

Caltrain proposes BART-like frequent service on its route

Caltrain’s $25 billion growth plan

Bay Area business “Powers That Be” floating $100 billion measure to permanently fix traffic

Why do the new Caltrain electric cars have two sets of doors, one 4 feet off the ground?

New BART “inverted guillotine” fare gates ridiculed for “hostile design” (sic)

Many startup companies abandoning suburbs for cities with good transit

Two more BART stations getting elevator attendants to keep the “poop” under control

Insider gets appointed new BART General Manager to replace Grace Crunican

Plan by California legislators would shift billions from high-speed rail to other rail projects in state

From the Dark Side(tm): Frightening vision for cities taken over by robocars

More on BART paper ticket sales being discontinued

Is Caltrain electrification behind schedule?

Interview with Los Angeles Metro CEO Phil Washington

Should high-speed rail continue? “Influencers” weigh in

$7 million allocated for a new parking garage at Dublin-Pleasanton BART station

Are BART’s “guillotine” fare gates stopping fare jumpers? Well, no…

110-125 mph trains could be boon for Bay Area and Central Valley, perhaps arriving a decade or more sooner than high-speed rail

New York Subway upgrades to “tap and go” fare cards from sliding cards

Opinion: California leaders abandoning futile bullet train plans

After 20 years of driving into S.F., here’s what a Chronicle reporter learned after 90 days using BART

Noise claims down 73% after BART changes how it reprofiles BART car wheels