Rail-Related News, June 15 – July 14, 2019 (Part 2)

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BART’s new “French” (sic) style fare gates (don’t lose your head!)

College town in New York state wants its trains back after half a century since they were killed

Yet another study delivered on upgrading the Altamont Corridor

California state budget includes funding for stabilizing Del Mar Bluffs

Caltrain planning to operate more late-night trains for special events

The rapid rise of Spain’s high speed trains; may take over some French services

BART looks the other way with panhandlers

When will California high-speed rail begin service to the Bay Area?

BART chief says only 5% of riders cheat on fares, not 15% as claimed by grand jury

Why BART ridership has declined despite booming economy

BART’s new “guillotine” fare gates getting attacked on social media

Why BART doesn’t have 24-hour service, and other questions

What happened to California’s high-speed rail project? A rundown

Turning around San Francisco’s Muni Metro subways

Americans must drive due to auto-oriented land use, but also by law

High-speed rail could run at ground level with grade crossings on Bay Area entry

BART’s new fare gates inspire gallows humor

From the Dark Side(tm): Americans shouldn’t have to drive, but The Law insists on it

SMART installs safety upgrades at deadly Rohnert Park pedestrian crossing

BART puts up signs limiting bathroom usage to 10 minutes, in effort to fight junkies

Virgin Trains (formerly Brightline) considers adding 3 more stations between Miami, Ft. Lauderdale in Florida

U.S. Navy will consider redevelopment of surplus base property as “Grand Central Station ” for San Diego

Foothill Gold Line moves forward with new plan for NOT widening White Avenue in La Verne