Rail-Related News, Monday, June 15, 2020 Coronavirus 4 Edition

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A typical weekday…

MTC expects massive traffic jams when people return to work after house arrest

Petaluma sued over Corona (sic) station project after SMART deal reached

Task Force to ponder future of Bay Area transportation

New BART map includes San Jose, though no current timetable for opening (early May)

Caltrain considers full shutdown if unable to secure additional funding

Have you ever seen 180 people on one BART car? BART sounds alarm on finances

New York City councilperson lays out plans for subway recovery

BART to San Jose opening June 13, pandemic or no

Capitol Corridor resumed some train service June 1st

SMART approves plan to go ahead and take over North Bay rail freight service

SMART changes course, will keep weekend service based on public survey

As lockdowns lift, can U.S. cities prevent a traffic catastrophe?

BART’s “Welcome Back” Plan: how things will be different

Florida Brightline wants $350 million to build 5 local stations on Miami-Orlando route

Can New York subways and buses lure back their previous 8 million daily passengers?

Hillsdale Caltrain station closing for six months for construction work

SMART limits staffing, train service cuts in 2020-2021 budget

SMART cutting weekday service by one-third as part of $7 million in cost savings

Caltrain aims to increase service despite budget woes from Covid19 panic

Transit in Japan and France surprisingly safe despite virus

BART opens Milpitas, Berryessa stations on Saturday, June 13th

New BART gates premiere, but unlikely to stop fare evaders