Rail-Related News, November 2019

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Southern California Metrolink proposed battery-powered trains

Report finds New York City subways can be sped up by nearly 50% within existing infrastructure

Should BART’s parking pricing be increased?

Study of third SMART station in Santa Rosa proposed

Editorial: New leadership needed to bring trains to Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco

California PUC approves Jennings Avenue crossing of SMART in Santa Rosa

SMART board to vote on sales tax extension measure

BART to San Jose raising a lot of questions: San Jose Mercury Roadshow

Miami-Dade transit agency approving bringing Brightline station to North Dade County

Passenger rail, bus service boost real estate values according to new report

Soon smartphones can be used to pay BART fares

BART study looking to San Francisco’s Geary Corridor as part of 2nd Transbay Tube study

How BART kept the power on during PG&E’s blackout fiascos

BART backs off from proposed busking, panhandling ban

Editorial: SMART must earn sales tax extension

BART extension to San Jose delayed again

SMART offers free rides as service returns after PG&E shutoffs

When those who past went to their resting place via streetcar

BART starts pre-revenue testing of San Jose extension, though service won’t start until 2020

How transit ballot measures fared in November 2019 elections

Massachusetts has plans for commuter trains every 15 minutes on most lines

Transit ridership in San Diego bottoms out, then grows reflecting increasing gasoline prices

BART adds gates and attendants to make station elevators safer and more secure

Marin-Sonoma SMART places sales tax extension on March 2020 ballot

SMART closes stations, sounds train horn for downtown Novato station testing

As more new BART cars arrive, “legacy” cars have uncertain future

Despite Newsom’s high-speed plan, high-speed rail board members have other ideas

Second Petaluma SMART station delayed due to Planning Commission concerns

Dianne Feinstein wants another bridge across San Francisco Bay, but regional planners don’t

Editorial: why another Bay Bridge is a bad idea

Editorial: State Assemblyman proposes spreading the high-speed rail money to more projects carrying more ridership

New plan for San Jose Amtrak/Caltrain station unveiled

Political correctness banishes term “Red Line” from Sound Transit in Seattle region

First “legacy” BART car gets crushed at scrap yard

SMART cost overrun of $10 million for Windsor extension

SMART pitches new schedules, announces opening of downtown Novato, Larkspur stations

SMART to begin train service to new Larkspur and Novato stations in mid-December