Rail-Related News, Saturday, August 11, 2018

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New Transbay Terminal set to open Sunday, August 12th. But no rail until 2029 or 2030…

First domino in the self-driving vehicle grift cottage industry falls: Uber gives up on self-driving trucks

eBART extension to Antioch packs them in: ridership 40% above estimates with massive parking shortage

San Jose Mercury: Protect excessive downtown San Jose parking supply for big-time corporate welfare queen (Sharks) at all costs during BART construction

Tensions between Caltrain and Burlingame NIMBYs run high due to electrification project

Gondola from street level to garden level of new Transbay Transit Center will not be in service in time for the project’s opening

S.F. Chronicle: CA gas tax politics a sign of dishonest times

The high cost of parking: one source says $700 billion+ subsidy/year

“Meet the Valley Link”: Alameda Co. Supe Scott Haggerty’s vision connecting San Joaquin County to BART

Future of Ashby BART station parking lot uncertain

Toronto’s GO Transit commuter train carrying the dog[s?], literally

Legislative bill would allow BART to build affordable housing on its properties without undue interference from NIMBYs

BART cops arrest slasher only 4 days after rampage on the trains

Local residents notice proposal for Highway 101 Lexus Lanes, become opposed

The Iron Laws of Economic Geography: In Europe at least, modern-day roads follow 2,000 old Roman road corridors

Sun Rises in East Dept: robocars too stupid to stop for common obstacles in roadways

Inside Amtrak’s new Acela express trains

Bay Area gets $2.16 billion, mostly useless icon with new Transbay Transit Center

So when will trains get to new Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco?

BART plans for spying directly on passenger slows down adoption of proposed $28 million safety plan