Rail-Related News, Thursday, April 2, 2020 Coronavirus 2

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Bay Area traffic congestion evaporates as people stay home due to coronavirus

New Yorkers skip subway and take bikes to avoid crowding

Transit agencies adjust service as BART and Caltrain ridership drop 90%

South Shore Railroad in IL and IN “deep clean” its trains every night

Cable cars in San Francisco shut down due to coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak stalls measures by powers-that-be for a $100 billion Bay Area “Megameasure”

Want football fans to take transit? Build people-mover to the new Inglewood stadium

BART cuts rush-hour trains since ridership down 90%

BART calls for emergency funding bailout in light of coronavirus crisis

BART trains cut end of service to 9:00 pm

American Public Transit Association calls for $16 billion bailout for transit (grows to $25 billion in pending bill 3/25/2020)

Los Angeles Metro adjusts schedules, reflecting coronavirus drop in ridership of about 60^

From Sun Rises in East Dept.: Working from home “not a dream” for tech worker’s wife

Will coronavirus set off traffic-reducing work-at-home revolution? Highly unlikely

Under current bill, transit systems would receive $25 billion

Santa Clara County VTA light rail shuts down for the duration

Despite current Coronavirus crisis, Las Vegas high-speed rail project moving forward

BART and other Bay Area transit agencies expected to receive $1.3 billion from Coronavirus stimulus bill

Southern California Metrolink cuts service 30% due to ridership declines during Coronavirus crisis

BART ridership skids 92%; board to consider service cuts to save money

San Francisco’s Muni Metro shuts down for duration, so cleaning crews can be redeployed to buses

Sacramento-Bay Area Capitol Corridor to benefit from $1 billion set aside for Amtrak in relief bill

BART extension to San Jose delayed AGAIN, due to Coronavirus pandemic

Federal Railroad Administration proposes rule for intercity rail passenger train performance (after IT is over, of course)

BART to take advantage of downtime to speed up several capital projects

Many people still need to get to work, so they use the subway in New York

VTA to build world’s largest subway, mimicking the Seattle waterfront freeway tunnel

Caltrain to go ahead with November sales tax measure despite Coronavirus

To build U.S. “mega regions” the U.S. should turn to trains