Rail-Related News, Thursday, August 30, 2018

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This has absolutely nothing to do with transit and rail, but it’s cute! Have good Labor Day weekend!

Replacing BART turnstiles may cost up to $200 million

When will San Francisco truly be “transit first?”

BART starting to much more closely monitor activity at Civic Center station


Railcar manufacturing partnerships may be in L.A. Metro’s future

S.F. Muni chief vows to reduce Muni bus and rail delays within 90 days

California high-speed rail costs escalating at $3.1 million per day

JR West railway in Japan incentivizes safety employees by making them sit next to 185 mph trains

Passengers on BART help nab suspect in stabbing of another homeless man

S.F. Muni reopens after 2-month closure, to relief of displaced passengers

BART gets more security funding after stabbings

Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco county residents willing to pay sales tax for major Caltrain upgrades

New Yorkers driving into Manhattan bristling at proposed for congestion pricing

Going To The Dogs Dept: NY subway workers finds lost puppy at 3rd Avenue line station

Crossing gate software keeps screwing up, requiring flaggers at Denver commuter rail crossings

Memphis, TN Music City Star gets new station

State Legislature sends BART housing bill to Gov. Brown despite vicious NIMBY opposition

Sacramento Regional Transit proposes cutting fares, pass prices in effort to rebuild lost ridership

Highway fantasies abound at 8/29/18 Mercury News “Roadshow” column

State of Florida approves tax-free bonds for Brightline passenger rail service over objections of NIMBYs

BART closing Transbay Tube for repairs over Labor Day Weekend