Rail-Related News, Thursday May 14, 2020 – Coronavirus Edition 3

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Germany: trains run on time with few of those pesky passengers

Caltrain Hillsdale station to close temporarily for construction

SMART considers service cuts to reduce costs $6 million/year

$780 million in Coronavirus relief to be doled out to Bay Area transit agencies

You better still pay to park at BART, even with 90%+ ridershipdrop due to Coronavirus

Santa Clara County VTA to bring back light rail service two weeks after employee tested positive for ChiComm Virus

Despite Coronavirus, Caltrain aims for sales tex election in November 2020

BART cuts service to every 30 minutes due to Coronavirus ridership drop

In a “pandemic” all of us are “transit dependent”

Despite current events, BART is preparing their workforce to start service to San Jose in June

BART staff considering various ridership scenarios after coronavirus house arrest ends

VTA drops plan for giant BART subway through downtown San Jose

Bay Area transit line up for Coronavirus crisis bailout money

San Francisco Muni puts back some service cut recently

Los Angeles Crenshaw Line opening delayed by track screwups

Failure of New York MTA to supply masks and other protective equipment may have lead to employee Coronavirus deaths

Sprawl advocates push misleading MIT study claiming subway mainly responsible for spread of CV in New York City

How Coronavirus crisis may change Bay Are transit

Sacramento Regional Transit purchased first 20 low floor light rail vehicles

Second SMART station deal in works despite Coronavirus lockdown