Rail-Related News, Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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The best skeptical article about self-driving cars yet this editor has seen–from “socialists” no less

Electric car motorheads get trolled by 100-year old streetcar at Swedish auto show (video)

BART to reopen bathrooms at Powell Street station, closed after 9/11

BART has plan to fix unacceptable Sunday delays, but many riders may not like it

Plan for BART “ambassadors” to improve interface with passengers, homeless, etc.

Getting enough money for “Valley Link”–a rail line paralleling ACE–won’t be easy

SMART passengers offer opinions as key ballot measure will appear on March 2020 primary ballot

From the Dark Side(tm) Dept.:Politicians and MTC solicit opinions on replacing San Rafael-Richmond Bridge–though only the decking needs replacing

SMART train service to Larkspur, downtown Novato to begin December 14th; to begin improved schedule in January

More on SMART extension to new Larkspur station

$100 million needed to stabilize crumbling Del Mar Bluffs

San Jose BART extension now won’t open until April 2020

Marin County’s “wish list” for projects from the proposed $100 billion+ Bay Area “MegaMeasure”

Cops rounding up gate jumpers at BART’s Embarcadero Station

Editorial: SMART trains are part of the problem, and solution, for San Rafael traffic mess

When will BART extension to San Jose open? No one can say for sure

San Francisco Muni introduces new light rail trains

Construction on high speed rail between Victorville and La$ Vega$ could begin in 2020

Marin-Sonoma SMART withhold daily and weekly ridership records, though giving up monthly totals to Feds

Couplers fail on San Francisco Muni light rail trains

Silicon Valley Leadership Group appeals for support for $100 billion “MegaMeasure” from business leaders

SMART launches service to new Larkspur station, “sorta” near Larkspur ferry dock

More on SMART extension to Larkspur “sorta” near Larkspur ferry dock

Feds forbid CHSRA from moving forward on tracks, systems. Agency keeps going anyway

Study claims massive increase in Southern California jobs due to propose transformation of the Metrolink commuter rail system

Transit in San Diego County delivers $1 billion+ in economic value according to report

The Sun Rises in The East(tm) Dept.: “On-demand transit is not a good solution”

BART fares to go up, again, on January 1, 2020