Rail-Related News, September 22 – October 7, 2019

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North County Transit pushes to preserve funding for more Coaster commuter rail locomotives

BART weighs various fare gate designs, the successful ones may come from Muni

BART cancels plan for costly platform safety barriers

Extension of BART to downtown San Jose may be delayed until 2030

More on BART extension to downtown San Jose delay

Marin officialdom scrutinize pitch for $100 billion Bay Area transportation measure

New Mexico Rail Runner commuter train a good comparison to SMART

BART’s wish list for $100 billion “Faster Bay Area” measure: 2nd Transbay Tube, new fare gates, and much more

Existing BART extension to miss 2019 opening, yet more delays (“it’s complicated”)

BART’s new general manager seeking public input as he confronts challenges

A slight diversion from rail: S.F. Muni’s new trolley buses can now go off wire for significant distances

From the Dark Side(tm) Dept.: Average commute time in the U.S. reached new record in 2018

L.A. Metro Foothill Gold Line light rail to Pomona officially under construction

The Good Guys Win For Once(tm) Dept.: “High Desert Freeway” (sic) between Palmdale and Victorville dies deserved death

“Transportation for America” no longer advocating for increased federal funding for transportation

And the Sun Rises in the East(tm) Dept.: People hate long commutes

Contrary to transit critics, transit ridership is rising in some cities; here’s why

From the Dark Side(tm) Dept.: Gas prices near $5.00/gal in some places in SoCal

Commuter rail’s potential is untapped

Renaming LA transit lines confusion

The Northeast Corridor, Seattle and Portland easiest places to live car-free, according to Richard Florida