Significant Rail News, July 10, 2014

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“Y Tu?” BART/ LA Metro? Dept:  Overnight Philly Subway Service Successful, Attracting 50%+ More Riders Than Predicted

A “Villager” (Denizen of Washington DC) Comes To California Dept: The California HSR Debate – Kicking Things Off

Street/Highway “Level Of Service” Toppled As Main Transportation Goal In California

Told You So, BRT Apologists Dept: It Is Now Legal To Build LRT In San Fernando Valley

“Rails To Trails” Advocates Try to Tear Out Tracks To Lake Placid, NY

From The Dark Side Dept: House Proposes $10.5 Billion, 8 Month Transportation Bill

Dallas To Open Rail Line To Airport August 18th

High Speed Rail Doesn’t Work Everywhere: “Difficult Transit”

Do It Yourself Transit Planning! Dept: Pushkarev-Zupan Rail Transit Success Factors Updated After 35 Years

BART Can Be Hot Ride In ‘C’ Cars

Transportation Sales Tax On November 2014 Alameda County Ballot

Opinion: BART Helps S.F. Function, Time To Share Some Funding

Transit-Oriented Development Comes To Future Milpitas BART Station

Nah, He’s Not a Hypocrite/Hey He Left The Dark Side/He Who Has The Gold Rules Dept:

Road Dispute in Milpitas Holds Up BART Extension To San Jose

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Spills Over, Causing Major Damage to Jerusalem LRT System

Sonoma County Grand Jury Faults SMART Management

From The Dark Side Dept: California Lawmakers, Industry Groups Oppose Adding Gasoline To “Cap and Trade”

From The History of Southern California Dept: Pacific Electric Rail System Connected Inland Empire With Coast

Hey You Can’t Do That In An Auto Dept: New York Transit Cops Tell Subway Acrobats To Sit Down

Well Some People STILL Don’t Like Opera Dept: Agreement Sets Measure To Keep Disney Hall Free Of Subway Noise

New York City: Grand Central Foyer Dedicated To Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Link To Video Overview of Proposed Texas High Speed Rail

Detroit, Michigan: Construction On Woodward Avenue ‘M-1” LRT Project To Begin In August

Yes, Even If It Was Poorly Designed Dept: BART to SFO By Quentin Kopp

Yes, Converted To LRT Dept: Editorial – Don’t Destroy The Orange Line, Improve It

What’s Six Billion Dollars Among Friends Dept: Editorial-2 1/2 Years Later, Is The Bridge Safe?

Are You Sure It Matters Dept: FRA Approves 115-Mile HSR Route Between Fresno And Bakersfield

San Diego Trolley’s Most Used Trolley Stops