Significant Rail News, July 28, 2014

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Half Of LA Rail Stations Don’t Have Ticket Scanners: Press Insinuates Passenger Hanky-Panky, Quotes Academics Ignorant Of Technical Issues

From The Dark Side: East Bay Legislator Wants Criminal Probe Into Bay Bridge

Critics Decry Long Implementation Times For Positive Train Control

San Antonio Streetcar Opponents Claim Anti-Streetcar Vote Signatures Valid

Tucson Sun Link Streetcar Opens

Denver’s Union Station Reopens On Saturday, July 26, 2014

High Speed Rail Route Via Pacheco Pass EIR Upheld By Court

Years Ago We Told You So Dept:  LA MTA Approves Study To Convert Metro Orange Line BRT to LRT

Newfangled LED Signs Show Where To Get Seats On Dutch Trains

Southern California: Funding Brouhaha Forces Cancellation Of Four San Bernadino Line Metrolink Trains

Raising Gas Tax Won’t Solve The Problem

San Francisco Muni Signs Contract For 260 New LRT Cars

Environmental Concerns Over Oil Trains May Impact California Gasoline Prices

Hey Didn’t They Cut Corners Dept: Cost Of Chinese HSR 1/3 Less Than Other Countries

SMART Board Rejects Many Marin Grand July Findings, But Will Still Reflect On Its Performance

From That Village On The Potomac Dept: Washington Metro’s Silver Line To Open

Fresno Board of Supervisors Mull HSR Opposition

Rehashed Propaganda From 2008 Dept: Press Claims More Investor Interest In California HSR

Ten Views On California High Speed Rail

Well, At Least It’s Near Rail Lines Dept: New 49ers Stadium Develops Elaborate Parking Plans

BART Uber Alles? Dept/Opinion: Regional Transit Needs To Be Faster

Remembering Edson L. Tennyson, Icon Of Rail Public Transport Advocacy And Development

From The Dark Side/ I Don’t Have To Write It Dept: Puncturing Randal O’Toole’s Autocentric Robocar Fantasy

Obama Encouraging More Private Dollars In Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Real Problem Is Sparse Service Dept: Map of Amtrak Ridership By Metro Area

From The Dark Side, Lame Headline Writing Dept: Politics Puts Kabosh On Proposal To Put Tolls On Interstates

Some More Examples Of What They Oppose, Please, Dept: Germany Also Having Big Problems Building Infrastructure

From The Dark Side/Years Ago We Told You So Dept: Flagship Texas Toll Road Faces Financial Problems

When Auto-Centric Cities Embrace Light Rail

Washington, DC: Expanding Metro Trains From Six To Eight Cars Like Adding Two Lanes To I-66 Freeway

Twin Cities, MN: Speeding Up The LRT Green Line

Remembering Los Angeles LRT Blue Line Debut In 1990

Well, You Can Do Almost Anything On A Train, Or Track, Dept: Tweaked Pallets Imitate Rail Speeders

Caltrain Lurches Towards Level Boarding

Dallas To Open DFW Airport LRT Line On August 18th