Significant Rail News, July 31-August 22, 2014

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OK OK It’s Not A Train But It Connects To Dozens Daily

Bad Guys In Fresno Don’t Rejoice Yet Dept: State Parole Office In Fresno To Be Demolished for HSR Construction

Recent Appellate Court Decision Upholding Current HSR Plan Appealed Due to Errors By Court

Hey, We Already Knew That Dept: Light Rail Lines Boost Property Values

From The Dark Side: Lyft And Uber Have Yet To Prove They Are Sustainable Businesses

BRT Doubts Dept: Denver, CO. Convert Colfax To Bus Rapid Transit? Not So Fast

Everything Is Bigger In Texas Dept: The Bullet Train That Could Change Everything

Everything Is Bigger In Texas Even When It Isn’t Dept: North Texas Transit Is Great Model For Car Happy Cities

Rail Service Reaches DFW Airport

From The Dark Side Dept: Majority Of Americans Would Rather Pay Tolls Than Taxes

Hey Maybe The Middle Class Is Willing To Pay More For a Better Product Dept: Buses And “Status Anxiety”

Sacramento: Regional Transit To Discuss Downtown Plans With Republic FC (Soccer) Officials

A Test Ride On Denver’s Light Rail

Amtrak’s Empire Builder Struggling To Stay On Time

From The Folks Who Think Robocars Will Save Us:Silicon Valley’s Self-Feeding Cycle of Car Dependence

Things Are Often Bigger In Arizona, Too Dept: Phoenix Mayor Wants To Triple LRT Mileage

Well, We Used To Be Able To Do Big Things, Effectively, Dept: Why Can’t the US Build A HSR System?

Now Will It Survive Dept: Orange County Transportation Authority Takes Over Political Football Santa Ana Streetcar Project

Opinion: Who Cares What Ideology Drives A High Speed Train?

From Japan: Texas To Get Shinkansen System

Well, They Certainly Know Where They Get Their Loot Dept: Road Builder: Higher Fuel Standards Would Hurt Gas Tax

One Year Later, Hyped Loop Remains A Fantasy

Show Us The Money Dept: The ‘P3’ Dilemma: Partnerships Often Fall Short of Taxpayers’ Expectations

Transit Projects Shouldn’t Take Longer To Finish in 2014 Than They Did In 1925

Obama’s HSR Program May Be Unfocused But Not A Failure: Here’s The Truth

From The Dark Side: Polls Says Americans Support Highways But Not Paying More For Them

Hope You Don’t Become Even More Confused Dept: Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – A Southwest Light Rail Explainer

NY Times: $11 Billion Later, High Speed Rail Is Inching Along

After Lots Of Sturm Am Drang Dept: San Antonio Streetcar Opponent Fail To Qualify Anti-Streetcar Initiative

Santa Ana City Council Endorses Streetcar Route

Hey, How About Putting Streetcars On Old Streetcar Routes Dept: Put Cleveland Bicycle Expressway on Old Streetcar Routes

Show Us And We Said No Dept: Missouri Says NO To Amendment 7’s Monster Tax For Roads

Results Are Mixed For Cities Bundling Freeways and Rail in Tax Elections

Tucson Streetcar Ridership Exceeding Expectations

National Poll Shows No Consensus For Transportation Funding, Except Everyone Opposes Gas Taxes And Tolls

New House Majority Leader From San Joaquin Valley Vows to Block HSR Funding

Maybe If You Paid To Drive As Suggested Here Transit Would Be Profitable Dept: We Don’t Pay Enough For Transportation

Rates Of Public Transit Usage In Different Cities

State Appeals Court Delivers Win for High Speed Rail

And The Sun Rises In The East, Too Dept: Fewer People Would Drive To Work If They Had To Pay For Parking

New Starts: Cheap Chattanooga Streetcars; Eugene BRT Extension, Subway in Vietnam