Significant Rail News, June 2, 2014

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San Francisco Muni Sickouts Cause Delays Across City

On The Same Rutted Road Dept: After $1.2 Billion In Work, US 101 in San Jose Still Congested As Ever

Tucson Streetcar Nears Final Testing, Launch July 25th

Honolulu Rapid Transit Gets Real

Lazy Headline Writers Dept: Some Buzzing For Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts Commuter Rail Line

Massachusetts: CapeFlyer Train Riding High

But It Still Needs A Cross Platform Connection With The Ferry Dept: SMART Train A Winner As Regional Agency Hands Out $40 Million

Wisconsin Kisses Its Talgo Trains Goodbye

Motor City Redux Dept: Community Weighs In On What M-! Streetcar Line Will Look Like

Kansas City, MO: Streetcar Development Virtues Touted

Now That’s How To Handle Irrational Opposition Dept: Opponent Will Have To Have $3.85 Million Bond to Continue Legal Challenge to San Antonio Streetcar

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: Green Line LRT Will Take 48 Minutes End-To-End

Hey, They Should Put Up A Bond, Too Dept: Jupiter, FL Mayor Claims All Aboard Florida Intercity Rail Is Safety Issue

Southern California: Metrolink Leads Way As PTC Deadline Looms

Los Angeles: Union Station To Get $350 Million In Track Upgrades

Why They Work So Very Sloooowwwly At Caltrans Dept: 3,500 Surplus Jobs At Caltrans

BART Pursues Variety of Solutions To Keep Ancient Fleet Running

They Also Picked On The HSR Authority Dept: Appeals Court Has Tough Questions For Plaintiffs In Bullet-Train Suit

Kings County, CA HSR Suit Can Move Forward