Significant Rail News, June 27, 2014

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Next State Senate Leader Kevin de León Wants Jerry Brown To Rethink Bullet Train

New Lawsuit Challenges California Cap And Trade Money For High Speed Rail

Jerry Brown [May] Get $250 Million/Year+ In Cap And Trade Money For HSR

Close But No Cigar Dept: Light Rail Station To Serve LAX Vicinity

NIMBys Rally Against Private Sector All Aboard Florida Intercity Rail Service In Palm Beach County

Deja Vu All Over Again Dept: Texas Transportation Commission Approves El Paso Trolley Money

Minnesota: New LRT Green Line Increases Total Area Transit Ridership by 12,000/Day First Week

San Francisco Central Subway Digging Done

NIMBYs Try Increasingly Desperate Tactics To Block Kansas City Streetcars

From The Dark Side/Free Parking Not Worth Dying For Dept: Dead Continue To Get Free Parking

BART Announces Parking Fees Increase

Houston vs. Dallas Rail Transit: Center City vs. Suburban Rail Lines

California HSR and Amtrak Cancel Joint Bid For HSR Trains

Editorial: Transportation Sales Tax In Santa Clara County Goes Off Rails (sic)

Senators Propose 12-Cent Federal Gasoline Tax Increase

Hey, Decades Of “Bus-titution” Would Have Told You That Dept: Memphis Ridership Plummets After Trolleys Sidelined

Yes, Oil Industry Will Blame Cap And Trade For High 2015 Prices Dept: Sticker Shock Coming To CA Gas Pumps

Deja Vu All Over Again Dept: Historic St. Paul, MN Train Station Opens As “New” Transportation Hub

Jerry Brown’s FY 2014-15 Budget Keeps HSR Alive, But What Now?

Friday Funnies (Not Cat Blogging!)/At Least It Wasn’t A Train Dept: New Community Column Kicks Off With Memories Of (Famed?) FART

Vote Means Local Property Owners Agree To Fund Pittburg eBART Station

Et Tu, BART/LA Metro? Dept: Overnight Subway Service Returns To Philly

Oakland Airport BART Connector To Cost $6.00 Each Way

Road Program Perhaps Quite Not So Overextended Dept: Oregon DOT Postpones Road Construction Program For A Year

BART “Fleet Of The Future” Final Design Based On Passenger Feedback to Prototype Trains