Significant Rail News, May 21, 2014

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Perhaps Transit Priorities Would Help Dept: Minneapolis-St Paul LRT Line Runs Slow

Well, Trucks Often Drive Under Low Trees Dept: New SNCF Rail Cars Too Wide For Some Stations

Will The All Aboard Florida Train Service Be Good For South Florida?

Expert Sees Potential In Santa Cruz County’s Rail Future

Los Angeles Wilshire Subway Gets $2.1 Billion From Feds

Austin’s Urban Rail: Owner, Operator, And Operations Costs Announced

After Long-Winded Debate, Detroit M-1 Streetcar Project Inches Towards Construction

SMART Leaves Some Businesses Without [Disused] Freight Sidings

MTC Committee Approves Funding For SMART Extension To Within [1/3 mile] Of Larkspur Ferry Terminal

Role of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) At Issue In Yet Another HSR Lawsuit

State May Give Another $11 Million For Peabody Road Capitol Corridor Station, Vacaville/Fairfield

China Thinks About 8,000 Mile High Speed Train To US Via Bering Strait

Better Late Than Never Dept:  Tucson Streetcar To Open This Summer

San Francisco Muni Crime Down 30%

New Troll Installed On New Eastern Span Of SF-Oakland Bay Bridge

Troll May Be Needed Dept: New Bay Bridge Defect Could Be Trouble In Earthquake

Peak Hour Tolls On Bay Bridge Have Little Effect On Congestion

Palo Alto: new Countywide Transit Sales Tax Must Include Caltrain