Significant Rail News, October 31, 2014

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Marin Voice: SMART Needs San Rafael-Larkspur Trolleys

From the Dark Side, We Knew It Dept: Portland Eliminates Free Parking For Disabled Placards, Frees Hundreds of Spaces

We Knew That Dept: The Bias In Transportation System Design

Chandler, Arizona Looks At Light Rail, BRT

London, England Reveals Preferred Route For CrossRail Two

Major Downtown Sacramento Developer Thinks Streetcars Are Worth Paying Special Assessments

Opinion: Sprawl and Bad Transit Increase Unemployment

Clayton County, GA Votes On Extending MARTA Rail And Bus Service

Construction Begins For All Aboard Florida’s Downtown Fort Lauderdale Station

BART’s Oakland Airport Connector Testing, Should Open Before Thanksgiving

CAHSRA Tries To Short Circuit Judicial Process Via Surface Transportation Board Ploy

Plans For High[er, 110 mph] Speed Rail Between Chicago and Detroit

Amtrak Creates “Blue Ribbon Panel” To Solve Chicago Rail Gridlock

Better Late Than Never Drowned Railcars Dept: New Jersey Transit Agencies Prepare For Future Hurricanes Like Sandy

Get A Warrant? Dept: Chicago Mayor Defends Random Bag Searches At CTA Rail Stations

Sacramento Streetcar Funding Push Underway

CA Bullet Train Barely Discussed In Governors Race

Remaining Free Parking At Certain BART Stations Days Numbered

BART Seeks Public Comments On BART Station Improvements In San Francisco

Silicon Valley Business Group Wants To Improve Caltrain

Sun Also Rises In East Dept: All Aboard Florida Company Spending Money On Political Lobbying

Well, Media Thinks So Dept: Bullet Train Path Looking Smoother

Rail And Transit Advocates Knew This Years Ago Dept: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up About Self-Driving Cars

Tax To Fund ACE Trains To Modesto Discussed By Politicians

Chicago, IL: Flyover Aims At Cutting Metra And Amtrak Train Congestion

Amtrak May Sell Real Estate and/or Development Rights In Northeast Corridor To Raise Capital Funding

What French Cities Can Teach The U.S. About Transit Design

New Jersey: Will Wise Guys’ Kin Get Benefit Of Their Property?

No One Goes There Anymore Because Its Too Crowded Dept: Five New York Subway Records Set in September

FRA Releases First “Southwest Multi-State Rail Planning Study”

But Are You Sure They Are Willing To Pay For It Dept: Poll Says Americans Favor Public Transit Over Roads

Texas: Proposed Routes For Dallas-Houston High Speed Rail Revealed

Silicon Valley Sprawls East, How Tech Jobs, Housing,  Transit Are Shaping A “Megaregion”

China Firm Lowballs Price On Constructing MBTA Replacement Railcars

Lack Of Park And Ride Slots Reduces Los Angeles Transit Ridership, Media Says

Minnesota: How The Twin Cities Got Transit Right [North Star Excepted?]

Revamping of Sacramento Valley Station – still no fix for long distance to platforms, though

Important Transit Measures In 2014 Elections

From The Dark Side Dept: Can a $5.4 Billion Tunnel Fixed The “Notorious” I-710 Gap In South Pasadena?

Business Leaders Claim Labor Pushed Proposed Railcar Factory From L.A. County

Chicago, IL: Metra’s 30-Year Plan Could Reshape Regional Rail

BART Makes Progress With South Fremont/San Jose Extension

From The Dark Side Dept: Media Parrots Highway Lobby Alarm About “How Terrible” Congestion Is

From The Dumb Side Dept: Golden Gate Bridge District Wants To Dunn Walkers, Bicyclists For Using Big Red Bridge

Portland, OR: Five Reasons To Support The Milwaukie LRT Extension

New York Subway Prepares For Ebola With Random Subway Drills

Columnist: No Winners In Railcar Builder Kinkisaryo’s Departure From Palmdale

San Jose BART Extension Work Continues, Above And Below Ground

SMART Could Get More Railcars After 2016 Startup

Freight Would Pay For It? Dept: New $250+ Billion+ High Speed Rail Plan Revealed From Moscow To Beijing

Anti-Rail Gadfly Randal O’Toole Surfaces in Virginia Beach, VA Calling LRT “Lie Rail” (sic)

Report Says Younger Generation Prefers Transit [And Bicycles] To Cars

CHSRA Wins Round In California Supreme Court; Opponents Continue Battle In Other Venues

Foothill Gold Line Releases New Promotional Video

Twin Cities, MN: Metro Transit’s Green Line Doubles Ridership Over Previous Bus Service

Zurich, Switzerland: World Class Transit Metropolis

Group Says High Speed Rail Shortchanging West Fresno Residents

Creepy Crawlies Halloween Dept: Deadly Snakes, Leopards And Landmines Can’t Stop Sri Lanka Railroad

Another Reason Not To Drive Dept: Woman Who Doesn’t Own Car Gets 18 Tickets From Fastrak Highway Bureaucrats

Podcast: Return Of Streetcars In The United States

Nothing To Worry About Peak Period Only Commuter Bus Dept: Private Bus Tries To Compete Against Toronto Streetcars; Horsecars Too

Opinions On California’s High Speed Rail Plans

Thought Experiments Dept: Evolution of Twin Cities’ Green Line: A “Retrospective”

Before The Oil Runs Out Dept: Middle East Plans $200 Billion Worth of Rail And Transit Investments

I’ll See It When I Believe It Dept, Road Bureaucracy Edition: DMV Offices People Like (?!)

Caltrain Trench In Palo Alto Would Cost Over $1 Billion

Pittsburg Secures Grant For Its eBART Station

Chicago, IL: Aldermen Seek O’Hare Airport Express Trains To Union Station, McCormick Place

Dallas DART Looks At Rail Extensions Options To North

Rod Diridon Receives “Hall Of Fame” Award From American Public Transit Association

Are There Differences Between Motorist And Pedestrian Brains?

Minneapolis, MN Will Pursue Streetcars and BRT For Poor, Minority Neighborhoods

Tour Of The Roof Of New Anaheim Surfliner Train Terminal

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Hudson River Tunnels Into New York Need Extensive Repairs

New Hudson Tunnels May Require Amtrak To Buy $400 Million Hotel Next To Penn Station

Boorish Punks Inconvenience Other Riders On New York Subways

Downtown L.A. Light Rail Subway Begins Construction

Supporters Say Alameda County Measure BB “Last Chance” For Livermore BART Extension

From The Doh! Homer! Dark Side Dept: Talking Cars Are Distracting To Drivers

New York Will Face Transit Crisis When Hudson Tubes Undergo Repairs

Hey, I Thought This Was In Tony Soprano Land Dept: Transit Board To Rehire Felon After Prison Term Up

Doh! Homer! Dept: Dan Walters – Bay Bridge Failures Cast Doubt On High Speed Rail

Concerned About Safety, California PUC To Inspect Railroad Bridges For First Time

Poll Shows High Interest In Riding SMART By Marin And Sonoma Residents

CHSRA Takes First Steps Towards Buying Rolling Stock

Zombie Trains In Time For Halloween Dept: Push For Ballard-West Seattle Monorail Line Rises From Its Grave

Hard To Tell When BART Parking Lots Are Full

Marin County: Generic SMART Station Design On The Right Track For Civic Center

Fort Worth, TX: TEX Rail Receives FTA “Record of Decision”

Tucson Streetcar Ridership Continues To Exceed Projections

“My Bridge For A Bucket of Bolts” (With Apologies To Shakespeare’s Richard III) Dept: Bay Bridge Bolts Sitting In Water