Significant Rail News, September 10, 2014

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Burbank Seeks Answers On Bullet Train’s Impacts

US DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx Takes Crack At Transportation Predictions

Opinion: 2nd Transbay Tube Needed To Keep BART On Track

From The Dark Side Dept: US Highway Fix May Mean More Tolls

San Jose: Will BART Make Berryessa District Traffic Even Worse?

Amtrak Says Freight Delays Hurt Ridership

California Legislature Passes Two Infrastructure Finance Bills

Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa To Obtain $8.2 Million Grant For Jennings Avenue Railroad Crossing

From The Dark Side/So Much For 4th Caldecott Tunnel Dept: More Traffic As Bay Area Jobs Increase

French Cities Discover Revolutionary Transit Fix: “European Street Trams”

Claim: Overall New US Streetcar Projects Not Meeting Standards Of Good Service

Southern California: Metrolink Ridership Continues To Decline

From The Dark Side Dept: Illinois Gas Tax Crumbles As People “Go Green”

Rail To Redlands Project Draws Large Public Interest

From The Dark Side Dept: No, Americans Aren’t Driving More, Contrary To Some Reports

Amtrak: Southwest Chief Panel to Convene

Opinion: Transit Service, Not Infrastructure Triggers Ridership

HSR Chief Dan Richard Defends His Enterprise

Draft Designs For Downtown San Rafael SMART Station Called Ridiculous By Officials

How San Antonio Streetcar Supporters Screwed Up and Let Streetcar Project Fall Apart Politically

Estimated Cost Of Downtown LA Streetcar Cut By $55 Million

We’ll See It When We Believe It Dept: Washington DC-Baltimore Maglev Backers Claim $5 Billion In Investor Support

Would Salt On Their Tails Work? Dept: Caltrans Tries To Chase Birds Off Old Bay Bridge Span

Yeah, Sure It Will Work Dept: Gullible New Joisy Town Rolled By PRT Hucksters

BART Introduces Security App for Smartphones

Private Sector Intercity Rail In Indiana To Add Service Chicago-Indianapolis

Things Are Bigger There Even If They Really Aren’t Dept: Private Sector Texas HSR Moves Forward

Medellin, Columbia Metrocable Improves Mobility For Low Income Residents

Opinion: Streetcars Are Just A Tool

HSR Opponents File Appeal At California Supreme Court

How BART Knew About Napa Earthquake Before Anyone Else

BART Stations Cleaner Thanks to Special Cleaners, Crackdown On Loitering

Hey, You! Behave In The Transit Station Dept: MARTA To Test Computer Software That Scans For “Suspicious” Behavior

Hey, You Spend A Billion On LRT Fix The Traffic Lights Dept: MN Inventor Claims Fix To Help Trains Meet Green Lights

From The Dark Side Dept: California Gas Prices Could Jump 30 Cents Per Gallon In 2015

Hey Let’s Run Commuter Trains To Heart Of Downtowns Dept: Florida Tri-Rail Moving Ahead With Coastal Rail Expansion

Gee A Radical Concept Dept: Requiring Steering Wheels And Brake Pedals In Would-Be Robocars

Caltrain Ridership Continues To Surge

No. 10 On CA HSR Arguments: Modesty In Your Claims, Please

Will Eastern Europe Trains Be Better Than US Dept: Chinese Propose HSR Line In Romania

Will Seattle Catch Up To Portland in LRT Dept?

Opinion: Alameda County Should Reject Proposed Transportation Sales Tax Doubling

BART Gets Rid Of Free Lifetime Rides For Board Members

From The Dark Side Dept: GOP Senators Predict Highway Funding Will Change

San Rafael Residents Want To Move Forward With SMART Quiet Zones

Why Portland Is Building Multimodal Bridge That Excludes Cars

BART Produces More Readable Strategic Plan Document

Transit’s No Joke Dept: Late Night Comic Takes LA Subway To TV’s Emmy Awards

We’ll See It When We Believe It Dept: Company Claims Process Can Turn Natural Gas Into Gasoline For $1.00

10-Mile BART Extension To San Jose Moves Forward

Commuter Rail Sooner Would Be Nice Dept: Regional Oklahoma System Possible Soon?

Dallas LRT Extended to DFW Airport