Significant Rail News, September 30, 2014

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Sacramento Bee TRAC Op-Ed: Here’s A High Speed Rail Plan California Can Afford

CHSRA Supporter & Blogger Robert Cruickshank Tries To Debunk TRAC’s HSR Op-Ed

Deja Vu All Over Again Dept: BART To Roll Out Test Of Late Night Service

First Rail Installed For Detroit Streetcar M-1 Project

Its Gone To The Birds Dept: Caltrans Claims Old Bay Bridge Demolition “On Schedule”

Fort Worth: New Approvals Push TEX Rail Plans Forward

OK, Politician Doesn’t Like Current HSR Plan, Overdoes Symbolism Dept: GOP Governor Candidate Kashkari Smashs Toy Trains

Los Angeles MTA Breaks Ground On Downtown LA Regional Connector

Alfred Hitchcock & Tippi Hedren (1962 “The Birds”) Would Appreciate It Dept: Spending Soars On Relocating Bay Bridge Birds

$6.5 Billion Gone To The Birds Dept: Caltrains Orders New Bay Bridge Anchor Rods Checked For Rust

Well, LRT Doesn’t Solve Everything Dept: Can Jerusalem LRT Still Unite The City?

Oh, How 20th Century Dept: Without Mandatory Helicopter Pads, Downtown LA Skyline Can Take Off

Los Angeles: Metro’s Union Station Master Plan A Significant Shift

We’ll See It When We Believe It Dept: Mayor Eric Garcetti Wants LA To Be First City To Do Robocars “Right”

We’ll See It When We Believe It Dept: S.F. Muni Says They’ll Address Near Term Service Concerns Before New LRVs Arrive

San Jose:  VTA Receives $8 Million For Double Track To Meet 49’er Stadium Overloads, Among Other Venues–42007

How Transbay Transit Center Deal’s Collapse Would Impact San Francisco

From The Doh! Homer! Dark Side, Revenue Edition Dept: Opinion – Red Light Cameras More About Money Than Safety

High Speed Rail Faces Tough Climb Over Tehachapis

North Bay: SMART Platform Designs Generate Little Fanfare

Dominant Life Form On Earth Dept: What On Earth! (Autos Dominate The World!)

Uncertainty For Developer Funding Deal Bankrolling S.F. Caltrain Extension

“Sardine City” From First Day? Dept: Marin-Sonoma SMART Survey Indicates Strong Interest In Train Service

OK When Will This Technology Be Applied To Even More Efficient Railcars Dept: Electric Bus Passes Antelope Valley Testing With Flying Colors

North Bay: SMART Rejected Changes Recommended By Marin Grand Jury

Opposition To Likely Cap And Trade Related Gasoline Price Increases In California Next Year Goes Nowhere

SFMTA Approves Contract For Muni Mission Bay LRT Loop

Doh! Homer! Dept: Walking Or Cycling (Or Taking The Train) To Work Soothes Nerves

Houston, TX: Technical Glitches Force Delay In Opening Of Two New LRT Lines

Extra! Extra! Henry Ford Spins In Grave Dept: Ford Motor Company and DTE Energy Make Contributions To Detroit’s M-1 Streetcar

Economists Do Research And Then State The Obvious Dept: Long Destroyed Streetcar Network Still Shapes Los Angeles

From The Dark Side Dept: Left Wingers Expose The ‘Dark Side’ Of Alleged, Expensive Alternatives To Transit Such As Uber, Lyft

Money Matters Dept: US Highway Funding Is A Mess In One Chart

Midwest: Hamilton County, OH Approves Request for HSR Study Chicago-Cincinnati

Ideally, Why Should This Be News? Dept: Mayor Lee Rides Crowded SF Muni Train Downtown With The Masses

Virginia: Arlington Streetcar Moves Forward Amid Rising Costs And Controversy

Amtrak Gets “TIGER” Funds To Repair Southwest Chief Tracks In Colorado

Yes, We Knew That Dept: LRT More Cost Effective To Operate, Attracts More Investment Than BRT

Now We’re Talking Real Money Dept: Sustainable Transportation Could Save The World $100 Trillion+

North Bay: SMART Loses Bid For TIGER Grant To Extend Train To Larkspur

North Bay: Opinion – Keeping SMART Platforms Simple Is Smart

Fighting Traffic Dept: Over Time, Will More Streetcars Get Their Own Lanes?

Washington, DC Streetcar Could Start Service In November

Doh! Homer! Begs The Question Why Not More, Faster Transit Dept: Study Finds Time Main Factor In Choosing Transit

Doh! Homer! Begs The Question Why Not More Faster Transit Dept: 68 Percent Want More Transit Funding, Poll Says

Well, It’s Not Tokyo With Subway “Pushers” Yet Dept: BART Trains More Crowded, Shorter

Is Proposed BART Fare to Oakland Airport On New Connector Too High?

Is Proposed Japanese Maglev Their Answer To Howard Hughes (e.g., The Spruce Goose?)

Bejing, China’s Subway Network To Double In Size

All Aboard Ohio Proposes Increased Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati Rail Service

Philly, He Just Missed A Darwin Award Dept: Crazed Teen “Train Surfs” To Escape Cops